There are 2 main categories to your KYC submission :
Proof of Identity and Proof of Address

For Proof of Identity :

We will only accept Government-Issued photo IDs.

An international passport as a proof of identity is highly preferred.

There are mandatory fields in your government issued photo ID that must be present :

1. Photo

2. Legal Name

3. Date of Birth

4. Nationality

5. Date of expiry

  1. The expiry date on your government issued photo ID must not be less than 6 months from your KYC submission date.
  2. Nationality must state which nation do you belong to ; we do not accept fields that only indicate the State where your ID is issued.
  3. Please do NOT submit a proof of identity that has been tampered with in any way

For Proof of Address :

We will accept the following types of documents :

Bank statements 


Utility bills


Tax assessments


Tenancy contracts


Letters from a recognized public authority

For Bank statements and Utility bills :

These documents has to be issued within 3 months. Latin characters are allowed. Mandatory fields :

1. Legal Name

2. Legal residential address

3. Date of issue

Tax assessments, tenancy contracts and letters from recognized public authorities have to be translated into English.

Misc Info

For faster processing and uploading of your files, we strongly recommend uploading pictures that is UNDER 1 MB in file size.

Your KYC documents will be subjected to assessment by our Compliance team, and they will at their own discretion approve or reject your application.

In the event of rejection, we will make efforts to reach out to you to explain why and request additional documents that will help your application.

For our US customers,

We will continue to onboard new users from US.

Until FATCA is implemented, you will still be able to trade Crypto to Crypto on COSS.IO

You will still be subject to mandatory KYC according to the new guidelines.

By US, we refer to US citizens AND US residents. If you are a US citizen or resident, you will not be able to trade FIAT until FATCA reporting is fully implemented.

Once FATCA is implemented the option to trade FIAT will be open to you, and no new submission of documents will be required.

For users who wish to trade in EUR and GBP, we will release guidelines when there is more confirmation.

Stay Frosty,
COSS team.