This article will be a step by step guide through the screens to make it easier for users to complete their KYC for If you want to do FIAT trading, you would need to complete the KYC first, before proceeding to do the ETANA KYC.

Not to worry, we will have a separate guide for ETANA coming up soon. You do NOT have to do both at the same time.

IF you do not want to do FIAT trading, you’ll be fine with just this guide alone.

On to the guide. This is going to be a screen by screen guide, to minimize any confusion. Instructions will be on the top, followed by the picture.

STEP 1 ( Creating a new account. For existing users, please skip to STEP 2 ):

  1. User name
  2. Email address
  3. Choose a strong password and confirm it.
  • Accept our terms and conditions and check our “i’m not a robot”

You should then get an Account created screen.

Account Created

You will also receive an email confirmation to your registered email account.

Click on the link, and that will bring you to our website.

Login with your email address and password; make sure you check the ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox

STEP 2 ( Verification ):

Go to “ACCOUNT”, and then go to “Verification”

Enter in a valid phone number ( don’t forget to select the correct country ) and click on the green tick.

You will receive a confirmation PIN via SMS

Enter the PIN number and click on “CONFIRM”. Didn’t get your PIN? Try clicking on “resend”.

Click on “ACTIVATE 2FA”

You would need to scan your 2FA activation code. Follow the instructions on the screen below.

A private key would be displayed on the screen. Note down your private key, or take a printscreen of this screen. Save it somewhere else. Do NOT use your phone to save this screenshot, since this key or QR code is needed to restore your QR code if you lose your phone.

Enter the code shown on your Google Authenticator app and click on “CONFIRM”.

STEP 3 ( Enter your personal details ):

  • Enter your personal details. Take note of the the requirements which can be found by clicking on the Notes next to VERIFICATION:

NOTE : “Alias” has to be part of your legal name. If you do not have an Alias, leave it blank.

NOTE : “Date of Birth” and “Passport Expiration Date” field have to be filled in using the provided calendar widget that pop ups when you click on those fields.

Press “SAVE” and “NEXT”

Click on “Government Issued Photo ID” to upload your Proof of identity.

Select document type from the dropdown and click on “Proof of Address” to upload your proof of address.

Click on “NEXT” once you have finished uploading your passport and proof of address.

Upload a selfie and click on “SUBMIT”

A prompt will come up confirming if you want to submit your KYC request. Click on “OK”.

Our Compliance team will process your application and you will receive an email on the results of your application once it is processed.