If you have your 16-digit recovery key, you can use it to restore your 2FA app. If not, please send a ticket to disable your 2FA.

Once Support has received your ticket, we will disable your 2FA after calling you to verify your identity.


Disabling your 2FA puts your account at risk, and you must immediately re-enable your 2FA when you regain access to your account. We would recommend that you write your new 16-digit key on paper and save it in a secure location.

To reactivate your 2FA,

1) Go to COSS.io and log in to your account. Go to Settings > Security. You will see this:

2) Click on "Activate 2FA". 

You will go through the steps needed to Re-enable your 2FA.

4) Click on "Complete"  to finish the process.

That will reactivate your 2FA.

Stay Frosty,
COSS team.