There might be any number of scenarios where you could have lost your 2FA private key.

Please email to pull in a request to disable 2FA.

Once Support has received your request, we will disable your 2FA after phone call verification.

To reactivate your 2FA,

1) Go to and log in to your account. You will see this:

2) Click on "Activate 2FA". Then you will see this: 

IMPORTANT: Click on “Show private key for backup” button and note down backup code elsewhere on paper, and keep that paper safe!

Do NOT use your phone to save this screenshot, since this key or QR code is needed to restore your QR code if you lose your phone.

3) Scan your 2FA QR code using an authenticator app, then type in the one-time-code, like this:  

Note: Do not leave a space in between the digits when you type in the one-time-pin generated from your authenticator app. 

4) Click on "Confirm" 

That will reactivate your 2FA.

Stay Frosty,
COSS team.