A phishing email is a type of online scam where hackers send you an email that appears to be from a legitimate company; in this case, COSS.io.

The email might ask you to provide sensitive information ( like email and password ) by asking you to click on a link that takes you to a fake of the real website, and any information you provide will go straight to the hackers.

An example :

1) Wrong email origin

2) email doesn't address the email addressee but displays a generic "User" instead

3) Hover your mouse over the links and check the URL. If it directs to : https://sso.coss.io/login or support@coss.io ; those are the correct links. If it directs to other URLs, that is an indication it is a phishing email. Do check and verify the words.

for example súpport@coss.io or https://ssö.coss.io/login can lead you to other urls.

Other tips to avoid being the victim of a phishing email :

1) Enable 2FA

2) Do not open any email attachments from COSS.io that you were NOT expecting. Generally we do not send any attachments.

3) Beware of details that might be wrong or missing from the usual emails you get from COSS.io

4) Check for spelling mistakes

5) Be wary if the email asks you to give up your password or any other detail. COSS.io will never ask you to give your password via an email. We will always call to verify.

Stay Frosty,