URL spoofing is the process of creating a fake or forged URL which impersonates a legitimate and secure website. The website might look exactly like COSS.io but it actually is on a different domain and operated by malicious actors.

Hackers create these fake websites with the aim of stealing your personal information such as emails and passwords, or whatever else information the hacker might want to extract from you using that fake website.

A user might be directed to these websites by clicking on a false link. The hacker might even have a stolen HTTPS certificate to add authenticity to the fake site.

Spot anything strange about this screenshot?

Answer : 

 How should you protect yourself?

1) Avoid clicking links in emails. Hover your mouse over the link to check if the url you are about to visit is a legitimate one or not.

2) On social media, check any links that you are about to click.

3) Use a link checker  ( https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-quick-sites-that-let-you-check-if-links-are-safe/ ) . Copy and paste links into any of these checkers to validate it.

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