To activate 2FA, please take the following steps:

  1. Log in on

  2. Click 'More' in the 'Account' section on your Dashboard. 

  3. Choose your country and enter your phone number in the 'Verification' section. Then click 'Send Code'.

  4. Enter the pin-code that you received via SMS and click 'Confirm'.

  5. Click on 'Activate 2FA'.

  6. Download and install the Google Authenticator mobile app from GooglePlay or iTunes, open it and scan the QR code.

  7. Open the app and click '+', then choose 'Scan barcode'. Once you've scanned the QR code from your COSS account, you'll be able to see the verification code in your Google Authenticator mobile app.

Note: Make sure that the time on your smartphone and PC is synchronized. Check the date and time settings on your devices for that.

8. Enter the code from the mobile app in the Two-Factor Authentication field inside your account on, and click 'Confirm'.

Success! Your 2FA has been successfully activated.

Note: For extra security, you may consider a backup of your 2FA key by taking a screenshot of the QR code before scanning it. Store this image in a secure location on your computer. Alternatively, you can write down the private backup key displayed under the QR code.